Read all about you´re favorit top nr 1 artist Jay Sean! Here you can find videos and news about the worlds top britindian artist Jay Sean!

Post you´re message about Jay Sean, what you like about him and his music!

20,144 Responses to “

Jay Sean Blog

  1. Marcy said

    Jay I LOVE YOU!

  2. mikeez41234x said

    good tunes

  3. cindi said

    asume tunes jaar

  4. shona1 said

    Are Jay, have you girl? are are

  5. Julie said

    he is indian demnnn

  6. Sasha said

    Who invited the black lady gaga?

  7. Mariah said

    Grrrrrr jjummy!

  8. Brittney said

    Who is this, he must be the next Micheal Jackson or what, the movez, the songs, i really love you Jay, he so hooot

  9. Sandy K said

    Wow, wicked vidd

  10. Vivi 69 said

    Looooooooooooooooooooove you j

  11. Mashalla Habibibi said

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. monu sunuunri said

    jayjayjay come around my way i show you big tasty indan love

  13. Sara K said


  14. karleigh said

    hey jay you are a great singer u rock my world evryday i hear u on my ipod ur great and i reall y whant to meet u for my 18 th i want u t sing at partty

    here is my number if u ant to call 0428907665


  15. Joe said

    Fukking artist man, real good tunes jar

  16. Niiiina said

    Wow, wow wow

  17. James said

    best indian upcoming artist ever

  18. Candy said

    Merry X-mas Jay, wish you the best X-mas ever love Candy!!!!

  19. Zeendi said

    Happy days JAY, MERRY christmas

  20. Akshay Dhoundiyal said

    you are a great singer jay my day goes with listening to your songs. man you are truly awesome!!!!!!!!!

  21. Akshay Dhoundiyal said

    my day goes with listening to your songs.jay you are a great singer and you are truly awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Ritta Tabib said

    I LOVE YOU JAY SEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    m ur bIggest fan..all ur fans want to hear u sIng lIve…..lOts of lUv 2 u…!!!!!!!

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